May, 2013: William Rudolph, Alice and Sully

william and sullyWilliam Keyes Rudolph has been Milwaukee Art Museum curator of American Art and Decorative Arts since 2011.

His dog notes:

The schnauzer, Sully, is a puppy who likes to eat, loves people–and loves to bark at them–enjoys eating copies of the New Yorker.

The Westie (white dog), Alice, is six years old.  She’s very vocal and likes to communicate.  She likes sleeping under covers, getting scratched, skateboarders, bicyclists–anything on wheels–likes riding in cars.  Vacuum cleaners excite her, but big trucks scare her.  If she were a human, she’d probably have a blog.

Wine pairing from Jeff Fisher, Downer Wine and Spirits:

“Sully the puppy sounds like an Argentinean Malbec to me. A super fun crowd pleasing wine that is there to bring you pleasure, lick your face, jump in your lap but I think because of Sully’s choice of chewing material i.e The New Yorker, he may need a slightly more intellectual style of Malbec. The Catena Malbec is made in this style, seriously complex but with a playful side.

Now Alice sounds like Sauvignon Blanc to me: friendly and gregarious with an outgoing personality that tries to bring a smile to your face. But she needs a Sauvignon blanc that reflects her spirit more then the homogenized industrial plonk that 98% of all Sauvignon Blanc seems to be. So we are going with a true character. Thierry Puzelat is a true pioneer in the natural wine movement in the Loire valley in France. All of the wines he makes are from vineyards that are Biodynamically farmed, non clonal selection of grape varieties. No sulphur during the winemaking process and all indigenous yeasts, this yields a Sauvignon Blanc that does not resemble any other Sauv Blanc in the world. This wine, like Alice, has a lot on its mind and wants to tell you all about it.”

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One thought on “May, 2013: William Rudolph, Alice and Sully

  1. I’m glad to know that another namesake of my ancestor is “seriously complex but with a playful side” and enjoys a good Malbec. Please tell William hello for me and how I eagerly anticipate his new book. Also, I’m glad to know about your gallery and enjoyed Rafael Salas’ insightful essay on contemporary portraiture.

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