Craig Clifford, Flower Brick


November 24 through December 30, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, November 25, noon to 5 p.m.

Portrait Society Gallery’s annual ceramic exhibition is geared toward small and affordable works for holiday purchases. This year’s theme is “Stacked.” We are stacking the odds that our more than 20 individual artists fearlessly explore the compositional challenges of the vertical realm with both functional and sculptural works in piled up formations. Solid and teetering, repetitive and reaching toward the sky, “stacking” is one of the first things a toddler does around 18 months of age as motor skills develop. This most deeply engrained primal motion of the human hand continues to reverberate through our lives. The urge to build from the ground up is powerful, as evidenced in the earliest form of architecture, the Mesopotamian ziggurat, one layer on top of another.

Saski De Rooy, faces

Saskia de Rooy, faces


In addition to the ceramic artists, the walls will be equally abundant with stacks of two-dimensional work and special projects. Fun, boisterous and packed with amazing deals, Portrait Society’s annual holiday show is the place to find unusual, hand-made gifts.

Ceramic artists include: Lisa Marie Barber, Renée Bebeau, Craig Clifford, Ian Connors, Joeann Daley, Christopher Davis-Benavides, Karen Gunderman, Ethan Kastner, Linda Kowalewski, Debbie Kupinsky, Jessica Laub, Brian Malnassy, Todd Mrozinski, Shelby Page, Olivia Rehm, Saskia de Rooy, Darlene Wesenberg Rzezotarski, Jill Sebastian, Meghan Sullivan, Marc Travanti, and Michael Ware.

Two-dimensional artists include: Tom Bamberger, Steve Burnham, Cassie Marie Edwards, Dan Herro, Pat Hidson, Ariana Huggett, and Melissa Lee Johnson.

Craig Clifford, vase

Craig Clifford, vase


Marc Travanti

Cassie Marie Edwards - Pink Bunny - 12x12 - Oil on Canvas

Cassie Marie Edwards


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