The Intimate Page

The Intimate Page

An exhibition of artists’ sketchbook pages
Through January 4, 2010

intimate page, installation shotThe most intimate kind of art, the sketchbook page is where ideas are noted and thoughts remembered with both text and image. About 60 artists are represented in this show, from the well-known to the emerging.  This exhibition is co-curated by Natanya Blanck, art historian at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Some of the artists included are: Sofi Askenazi, James Barany, Liz Bachhuber (Germany), Joan Backes, Christine Beetow, Fred Bell, Joe Boblick, Debra Brehmer, Barry Carlsen (Madison painter), John Caruso (MIAD faculty), Paul Caster, Jose Chavez, John Colt, Kari Couture, Santiago Cucullu, Kim Cridler (UW-Madison faculty),Pat Hidson, Crow and Rabbit, 2009Raoul Deal, Orlando de La Garza, Mary Diabiasio, Colin T. Dickson, Polly Ewens-Caster, Leslie Fedorchuk, Frankie Flood (UWM), Christiane Grauert, Karin Haas (printmaker), Ryan Hahn (Buehl designer), Pat Hidson, Mark Hoelzer (MSOE), Michael Howard, Ariana Huggett, Erica Lynn Hupe, Yegeniya Kagnovich (UWM, metals), Phillip Katz (architect), Ruth Kjer, Richard Knight, Amber Krueger, Sally Kuzma, Dara Larson, Sally Mallamo, katie martin, Colin Matthes, Kurt Meinke, Chris Miller, Katie Musolff, Nick Nagowski, Chris Niver, Thomas Noffsinger, Patricia Obletz, Josie Osborne (UWM), Will Pergl, Nick Reback (industrialClaire Stigliani, red shoesdesigner, Madison), Adolph and Suzanne Rosenblatt, Rafael Francisco Salas, Jill Sebastian (sculptor), Stacy Steinberg, Claire Stigliani (UW-Madison), T. Oliver Sweet, Tori Tasch, Aries Thjin, Amanda Toelke (UW-Madison), Lynn Tomazewski (MIAD), Jade Watring, Jordan Waraksa, Stacey Williams ng, Carley Rae Weber, Jason Yi.

Interview with Debra Brehmer, Gallery Director


Flock of Birds

(Gallery B)

Through January 4, 2010

kasun, bird 4Milwaukee artist Michael Kasun presents 35 new small scale bird paintings, ranging in price from $50 to $120. In the same space, former Milwaukee artist Amy O’Neill presents 30 small scale chicken paintings.Michael Kasun, birdsAmy O'Neill, chicken paintings
rooster, amy O'Neill


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