Friday tea, May 15

Four people came and we had cookies as well as scones from Beans and Barley. Next week, if I’m not totally tied up on jury duty, I’m baking the scones myself. First, my colleague and friend Natanya Blanck, an art history professor from MIAD, dropped in. Shortly after that another colleague from MIAD, Leslie Fedorchuk stopped by. That was a mighty pleasant surprise, because she had never been to Portrait Society and was very impressed, especially with Paul Caster’s suite of drawings. Then Tim Murphy dropped by for a cup o’ tea. Tim is a local artist and computer person. He was wearing a very beautiful vintage-looking plaid shirt. We talked about the gallery business. Last, but not least, Mary Louise Schumacher sauntered in for a cup. This was close to closing time so we didn’t really get much of a chance to talk about the new Art Institute addition. She did promise to come back soon. If you are reading this and you haven’t come for tea, PLEASE stop in next weekend.


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